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Sometimes getting out from under a large amount of debt can best be done by filing for bankruptcy. After the case is over and the debt is eliminated, many people feel a huge sense of relief. However, the process of actually filling out all the required forms and going through the process is very time-consuming and complicated. This is why a bankruptcy lawyer in San Jose is the best professional to have by your side. You’ll get legal advice along with help with your paperwork.

High Level of Competency

Not every case dealing with bankruptcy is overly complicated, but most of them are no walk in the park. Regardless of where your case falls, you want an attorney who can help you through it all. Everything from the type of bankruptcy you file, whether you own a business, or whether any of your property will be sold in a foreclosure, is going to have an effect on how difficult the case is. Always make sure your bankruptcy lawyer in San Jose has represented others with cases similar to your own.

Sound Legal Advice

Any professional attorney should be able to outline the services they will provide in regard to your bankruptcy. This person is tasked with offering you competent advice throughout the entire process. The first thing you should talk about is whether filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 is the best option for you. However, expect the expert to outline the process and whether there are special risks with your case.

Ability to Prepare and File

When going through bankruptcy, you are going to be required to fill out a huge packet of forms. The good news is that a bankruptcy lawyer in San Jose prepares all these forms and submits them to the court eliminating the necessity of doing it on your own. You’ll give the lawyer all of your information and they will go over it with you and make sure it’s ready to go.

Professional Representation

When you file bankruptcy, you are typically required only to attend one hearing, depending on your case, in which your attorney will accompany you. Also, your attorney will represent you in this and all other hearings and work to ensure everything goes smoothly. This includes any confirmation, reaffirmation, motion, or objection hearings filed by your creditors, on your behalf, or by the trustee.

At Shulman Law Office, we offer practical and effective service when filing bankruptcy.