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Contrary to conventional notions, commercial roofing materials aren’t that different from residential roofs. Nonetheless, some roofing materials can only be used in industrial and business applications, mainly due to the vast scale scope. We have compiled some common types of materials used in commercial roofing Ypsilanti MI in this piece.

Polymer membrane

Polymer membrane is popular in commercial buildings owing to its waterproof, affordable, and easy to install properties. It’s comprised of a single-ply layer retrieved from synthetic polymer hybrid. Roofing contractors will recommend the polymer membrane in almost every slope application due to its ability to fit into any distinctive contour of a roof.


Metal roofs are common in both residential and commercial applications. In commercial roofing in Ypsilanti, MI, they are preferred for their durability, resistance to fire, and effectiveness in withstanding harsh climatic conditions.


This type of roofing traces from years back and can be considered a classic example of commercial roofing material. The process of installing asphalt roofing for commercial purposes starts typically with applying a polyester base, then alternating it with a coat of gravel, glaze, and asphalt. Its results are durable and resistant to elements such as rot and mold.

You may need more information about commercial roofing and its associated services before deciding. Call us now to talk to a qualified roofing contractor about your needs and desires.