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While breaking down far from home is rare, it does happen and you should always be prepared for that eventuality. That includes knowing how to stay safe as you wait for 24 hour towing in Alpharetta. The following tips will help you avoid posing a risk to yourself and to other drivers on the road.

Pull Off the Road

If there’s a broad shoulder on the side of the road, you should pull over as far as you can onto that shoulder. However, many roads don’t have a shoulder or may only offer a narrow shoulder. In that case, drive or push your vehicle as far away from the roadway as possible.

Use Your Hazard Lights

If you have road flares, this is the time to use them. Otherwise, turn on your hazard blinkers and leave them on until help arrives. This will alert other drivers to your presence. Additionally, a tow truck driver that responds to your request for 24 hour towing in Alpharetta will be able to spot you more easily as they approach your position.

Exit the Vehicle From the Passenger’s Side

Generally, it’s safer and more comfortable to stay in the vehicle until the tow truck operator arrives to help. However, if you feel unsafe, you may exit the vehicle. The safest way to do this is to exit through the passenger side doors and to stay on that side of the vehicle. You should stay away from the road as much as possible until a response vehicle arrives to tow your car or truck.