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While Colorado has been known for its mountains and beautiful scenery, with the legalization of marijuana, it is becoming one of the top cannabis vacation spots. With so many dispensaries located throughout the state, finding what you need in order to celebrate 420 has never been easier. If you are wanting to check out Colorado cannabis stores, here are some things you should know beforehand.

You Must Be Legal

Although many of the dispensaries around Colorado differ in the way they look, the strains they offer, as well as the atmosphere, all have the same ID rule. You must present a valid ID proving that you are of legal age before you are allowed to enjoy any of the 420 festivities on their premises.

Study Before Your Trip

No one likes to be behind the person at the drive-through who asks a million questions. Be semi-versed in a few of the strains, so you’ll at least have an idea of what you’d like to try. You can save all of your questions for your fellow patrons as they’ll probably be more than happy to disclose what strain they’re enjoying.

Consume With Caution

There are a number of ways to enjoy cannabis such as smoking it in a joint, using a vaporizer, eating edibles, etcetera. Each different method can produce a unique type of experience and should be tried with caution.

During your vacation, it would serve you well to visit a number of Colorado cannabis stores just to get a feel of the different vibes. For most people, cannabis is not just about getting high, but about the entire experience that comes with it.