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Ball valves are commonly used by and associated with hobbyist home brewers, and to a larger extent general industry, for controlling the flow of liquid. But they are versatile enough to be used in a number of different industries. Two piece valves in particular are a common choice amongst engineers, and one of the most popular valves on the market. Here are just a few reasons why:

1. Ease of Use

One of the most important principles of engineering is to make equipment as easy to use and operate as possible, with no unnecessary components. 2 piece ball valves use a simple on-off design to make the process of controlling the flow of liquid simple for both commercial and domestic use.

2. Durability

website says that 2 piece valves can handle pressures of up to 2000 PSI, temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and are even resistant to acids. This makes a 2 piece ball valve, particularly one made of stainless steel, more durable than other types of valve. It will handle a wider variety of industrial applications and last longer, so long as proper maintenance is kept up, without needing to be replaced.

3. Corrosion Free

The reason why home brewers prefer these types of valves is that their durability and stainless steel material are especially prone to corrosion. Contamination of beer results in a poor taste and a potential health hazard, meaning an entire batch needs to be discarded. The same idea works for other industries, reducing the amount of contamination in the liquid and the final product, and is especially important in any process that involves food and drink.

2 piece ball valves are not only favored by engineers, but by hobbyists too for their ease of use, high quality, and wide versatility. Try one out for yourself to see the benefits first hand.