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Healthcare is a noble business, but there are also many reasons your medical license might be revoked.

Below are some reasons why a medical board might revoke your license.

• Negligence

• Insurance fraud

• Unethical or dishonorable conduct

• Substance abuse

• Prescription drug violations

• Patient abuse

The state medical board expects you to maintain certain standards in your practice to receive and maintain your practicing license.

To be safe, you need to hire a healthcare law attorney in Chicago for the following reasons.

Advise You on Compliance

Your healthcare attorney helps you comply with all regulations to seal the loopholes for accusations of negligence. Compliance reduces the chances of lawsuits against your practice. Healthcare attorneys provide extensive counsel on many old and new laws you must obey in your practice. Their guidance helps navigate issues that may cause legal problems, such as insurance, tax obligations, malpractice, and licensing. Additionally, they guide you to manage payments in a manner that cannot be deemed as fraud.

Assistance with Policy Creation

Weak policies are among the reasons your medical license might be revoked. Healthcare attorneys assist in creating policies supporting a safety culture, patient rights, and proper working conditions for employees. They also help you gain favorable insurance coverage for your practice.

Representation in Lawsuits

A healthcare law attorney in Chicago represents you in case someone sues you for medical malpractice, negligence, or fraud. Representation by an attorney is more effective than facing the procedure alone. Lawyers use their experience to build a well-organized case with facts and figures. They present arguments showing a lack of guilt or persuade parties to accept your settlement proposal.

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