Why More Property Owners Are Choosing To Use Concrete Paving Instead Of Traditional Asphalt

by | Jan 27, 2021 | Business

Few exterior materials experience the amount of use and abuse as a road or driveway, as it is not only subjected to the elements, but it is also exposed to an excessive amount of weight. Over time, these conditions can cause an outdoor road to break down, which is why more property owners are utilizing Concrete Paving In Atlanta GA when they are refinishing any driving surface. Here is a quick look at why it is a popular choice for a wide array of applications, and the many benefits it offers.

Low Maintenance Costs

Traditional asphalt roads require routine maintenance to keep them looking great and to prevent surface degradation. Concrete is hardier in its construction and does not require the application of a surface sealant. This makes it virtually maintenance free and prevents a property owner from having to pay out of pocket for repairs on a regular basis.

Extended Life Expectancy

Another great benefit of Concrete Paving In Atlanta GA is that it has an extended life expectancy, with some surfaces lasting for more than 50 years before needing replacement. Most asphalt companies only warranty their work for up to a year, and the average lifespan is under five years. This makes concrete a sound investment that will not only increase the value of a plot of land but be designed to offer years of reliable use.

Reduced Environmental Impact

One of the most significant advantages to utilizing concrete for any road or walk surfaces is that it is environmentally friendly. In addition to being recyclable, the process of pouring concrete creates far less airborne toxins and adverse health effects for those installing it. Do something good for the environment and spruce up a plot of land by choosing to utilize concrete instead of asphalt.

When the time comes to replace or install a new road or driveway, be sure to consider utilizing concrete. The team at Blackjack Paving offers repair and installation services and has more than 35 years of experience serving residents of the Atlanta area. Visit Blackjackpaving.com to learn more about the benefits of using it, and take the first step in saving time and money. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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