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Some of the dirtiest jobs out there involve the production and packaging of food items for the market. Standard roller conveyor systems can harbor dirt and germs that lurk inside the rollers. The use of resin-bearing enclosed rollers doesn’t reduce the messiness of the job but makes it easier to clean and sanitize at the end of the day.

Sanitary By Being Enclosed System

Using the resin bearing enclosed system conveyor rollers means no worries of food particles getting inside and leaving your equipment unsanitary. Food safety is one of the most important parts of the foodservice industry. Both the processing and packaging areas are ground zero for germ and bacterial growth. Eliminate the liability problems by installing equipment that helps you keep the environment safe and germ-free. No foods or single ingredients will ever make their way inside the individual rollers.

Work in High and Low Temperatures

Resin bearing rollers work in both high and low-temperature environments. It will easily move products away from ovens as effectively as it moves them into a freezer area. The extreme temperatures will not impact their performance. Placing this type of roller into your conveyor network will ensure a stable and dependable way to move products through your system.

Wash Clean in Minutes

Resin bearing conveyor rollers are perfect for the dirtiest jobs. Once the work s done, the surface can be washed free in minutes using a hose and sanitizer solution. It is perfect for moving items like raw meats or other products that might drip and spatter liquids. Once the surface is sprayed clean and sanitized, you’re ready to tackle more.

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