Your Business Needs the Right Insulated Refrigerator Door

by | Jan 29, 2019 | Business

If you work in a commercial food setting, you likely have freezers on site. The cold temperature produced by these freezers is only as good as the surrounding insulation. One important part of insulation is that which protects the door. A lot of cold air can escape through improperly sealed doors. This increases your energy costs and jeopardizes the shelf-life of the contents within. Find out which type of refrigerator insulated doors in California might be right for your business.

Refrigerator Doors in California

There are a couple of things to know about refrigerator doors. First, businesses in the state of California are required to have self-closing refrigerator doors. This is a big code enforcement issue throughout the state. Ironically, when you throw away a refrigerator, it is actually a crime to leave the door attached.

The second thing to know is that a freezer may need to be handicap accessible depending on the size. You may need to buy an insulated door that can allow this type of access. TKS Cold Storage Manufacturing and Construction can guide you in finding the right refrigerator insulated doors for California’s regulations.

Common Door Types

There are numerous styles and sizes of self-insulating doors. Standard entry doors are available in flush and overlapping styles. These are a great option for coolers or freezers. A vertical lift door is a sliding model that helps in areas where other doors already exist. Overlap freezer doors are often used in areas where there is a great amount of foot traffic. Bi-Parting sliding doors open horizontally to allow easy entry for forklifts or pallet jacks. Finally, glass doors are a staple of retail shops because they allow you to merchandise products to customers.

TKS Cold Storage Manufacturing and Construction has refrigerator doors for any application. Custom refrigerator doors are also available. 

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