3 Common Mistakes People Make While Shampooing Their Carpet

by | Apr 9, 2019 | Carpet Installation & Flooring, Cleaning Services

When you have unsightly stains on your carpet, you may be tempted to rent a ‘supermarket’ cleaning machine and get to work. After all, it’s much cheaper than hiring a professional carpet cleaning Moore OK company.

Unless you’ve been trained to clean carpets properly, you could damage to your carpet if you don’t apply the proper cleaning techniques. Here are three common mistakes people make while shampooing their carpet.

Using Too Much Shampoo

Carpet cleaning shampoo is designed to be used according to the instructions. If you use too much shampoo, you can leave soap residue on your carpet.

Over time, this reside can destroy your carpet fibers. Overshampooing can make your carpet coarse and attractive to dirt.

The best way to ensure that your carpet isn’t saturated with shampoo during the cleaning process is to hire a professional carpet cleaner. Taking this action can extend the life of your carpet.

Using Too Much Water

The carpet in your home is supported by carpet padding. When this padding becomes saturated with water, it can be difficult to dry it.

When you use more water than you should to clean your carpet, it can shrink. Another thing that can happen is mildew and mold can form in the carpet fibers.

Putting Furniture on Wet Carpet

After you’ve spent hours shampooing your carpet, it’s likely that you’re anxious to put your furniture back in its place without allowing the carpet to dry. The dyes from the bottom of the furniture can rub off and leave a carpet stain.

Have stains on your carpet that need to be professionally removed? Contact our carpet cleaning Moore OK company. At Joe’s Carpet Cleaning, our skilled technicians have been trained to remove various types of stains. Schedule an appointment today.

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