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Borneo Eco Tours has been in business since 1991. It offers a variety of tour packages that include day trips, diving tours, birding tours, and nature tours.

Borneo Eco Tours’ most popular tour is the Kinabatangan Wildlife Safari, which lasts three days and two nights. Travelers stay at the Sukau Rainforest Lodge and go on several river cruises. They will also visit several nature centers and refuges and learn about native animals like the endangered orangutan and the sun bear, which is the smallest bear in the world.

What’s special about Borneo?
Borneo is the third-largest island in the world, and it is also a biodiversity hotspot. At last count, 688 species of bird live there, and 62 of them are endemic, which means they can’t be found anywhere else. A staggering 15,000 plant species call Borneo home – and 35 percent of them are endemic. Researchers keep finding new species of plants and animals, too. Over the past ten years alone, scientists have found roughly three new species every month.

How physically demanding are the tours?
The tours can be Easy (1), Medium (2), or Strenuous (3). The “Summit of Kinabalu” is an example of a strenuous tour, for it involves climbing Mt. Kinabalu, which is the tallest mountain on Borneo. Another strenuous tour is the Padas Whitewater Spectacular, a day trip down some rapids. The tour descriptions do mention how physically demanding the tours are.

What is a community-based tour?
A community-based tour is one of the many things to do in Borneo. Travelers will visit a given village or community and learn about the traditions of the locals. For example, during the “Kiulu Valley Farmstay,” travelers will visit a local school and learn about such activities as rubber tapping or planting crops in a paddy.

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