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Your home’s roof is beginning to look a little worn. Rather than take chances, you’ve decided to replace it. While you have the roofing contractor in Boston, MA, there, ask a few questions. The answers will make it easier for the contractor to prepare a quote and for you to determine if the price and other terms are right.

What are My Options for Roofing Materials?

There’s no rule that says the new roof must be constructed using the same type of materials. See this as a chance to learn more about all the options on the market today. Did you know that more homeowners are going with metal roofs these days? The contractor will go over each material type and point out the merits of each one.

What Style Would You Recommend?

Some roofing styles simply look better with specific house designs. A roofing contractor in Boston, MA, has installed roofs on many different homes and has some idea of what seems to work best with each design. While you can go with any style that you like, paying close attention to what the contractor recommends never hurts. One of those suggestions may turn out to be exactly what you had in mind.

Along With the Warranty, What Kind of Guarantee Comes With the New Roof?

It’s great to have a solid warranty on the materials, but what about the installation? Should a problem arise and the origin has to do with the installation process, who will pay for the repairs? Ask the roofing contractor in Boston, MA, about the guarantee terms and conditions that come with the installation. In the unlikely event that something does happen, you’ll know that it will be made right.

Are you ready to talk about investing in a new residential roof? The team at Carroll Sons Inc. is ready to discuss all possible options. Call us today to set up a date and time for a visit. Together, we’ll make sure your roof is everything you need it to be.