Making Decisions for Your Parent When Moving to an Assisted Care Facility

by | Jul 16, 2019 | Assisted Living

As your parents get older, you want to ensure that they are as comfortable as possible. Sometimes, that means making the decision to move a parent to an assisted living facility so that they receive a little more care than what you can provide. Even though you might wonder if it’s the best decision, it’s often easier when everyone is informed and when you talk about the process of moving ahead of time in order to prepare for the transition to assisted living in Palm Coast, FL.


Don’t expect your parent to automatically adjust to being away from home. It could take a few weeks or even a few months for your parent to understand and process that it’s time to get extra help. Try to visit as much as possible. You should also encourage your parent to talk to other residents and to get involved in activities that are offered.

A Part of Home

Try to take as many items from your parent’s home as you can when you move them to the facility offering assisted living in Palm Coast, FL. If your parent is surrounded by familiar objects and furnishings, then it can sometimes make the transition a bit more comfortable instead of feeling like your parent has been moved to a hospital. Reassure your parent that someone is watching over the belongings that won’t fit in the room in the facility so that they won’t worry as often.

Speak Up for Your Parent

Don’t expect the staff at the facility to know what your parent likes or the daily routine of your parent. You will likely have to let the workers know of foods that your parent doesn’t like or enjoys more than others. If there are certain habits that your parent enjoys, then you need to let the staff know so that accommodations can be made to try to allow these habits in the facility.

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