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When a loved one dies, there’s a long process that’s overseen by the executor or the personal representative for the deceased individual. This process will include putting the estate through probate to settle the final taxes and debts of the individual. As the executor, you can expedite this process by consulting probate law firms near the Twin Cities. Here are a few ways a probate lawyer can help you.

Avoid Lengthy Court Battles

When a loved one dies, there’s often a dispute over the allocation of assets from one or more loved ones. Often, this has something to do with a loved one objecting to having been omitted from the will. Rather than going through a lengthy lawsuit, the family’s probate lawyer can meet with the individual contesting the will. This can be enough to dissuade the individual from going through with a frivolous lawsuit.

Avoid Overpaying Creditors

Upon the individual’s death, the executor must contact their creditors to advise them of the death. This starts the clock ticking for how long each creditor has to submit a request for payment from the estate. An experienced attorney can help you manage these claims to ensure you don’t pay more than necessary in settling each debt.

Avoid Delays Meant to Extend the Probate Period

When you consult probate law firms near the Twin Cities, you can get legal help to protect against unscrupulous efforts by companies and banks to delay the probate process. They may try to extend the time they have to seek payment by failing to respond to messages on time. Your probate lawyer can expedite these processes to help you deal with the probate process more efficiently.