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There are over six million car accidents in the U.S. each year. This adds up to a lot of collision damage. Most vehicles damaged in an accident will need some type of collision repair. Even though collision repair seems straight forward, it has many intricacies. If you are looking into collision repair, these five facts can help you find the best repair shop for you.

1. Pricing Differs for a Reason

The accuracy of the appraisal is key. Experienced auto body appraisers can provide reliable estimates. They do this by using their experience to fully analyze the damage. Less qualified appraisers are prone to missing damage. This is usually why their quotes come out cheaper. In the end, it is important to get an appraisal from a reputable shop to prepare you for the final cost.

2. Metal is Not Easy to Repair

Vehicles are largely composed of a metal which damages easily in an accident. Despite what others think, metal is not easy to fix. Metal parts cannot bend back into shape with common tools. A lot of work goes into fixing a bent body panel. A highly-trained repair technician needs to use special tools to get the job done. Therefore, even damage from small fender benders can amount to expensive repair costs.

3. Below the Surface

The damage you see on the exterior of the vehicle is usually on the part of the problem. Whenever a vehicle is hit, it affects the underlying structure. Parts such as the frame, drive-train or engine may suffer unnoticeable damage. Quality collision repair in New Jersey will fully investigate the extent of the damage to complete all the necessary repairs. This will help to get your vehicle back to its original shape.

4. Don’t Equate Body Filler With Repairs

Body fillers, like Bondo, are commonly thought of as required repair materials. When buying a used car, most people will check for body filler to see if the vehicle was in an accident. What most people don’t know is that body fillers are not as commonly used as thought. Expert collision repair shops will reshape metal back to its original form. This eliminates the need for body fillers. In many cases, it’s hard to tell if a car was in an accident merely by testing its surface.

5. Repaired Vehicles Are Perfectly Functional

Some vehicle owners are afraid to use their car after repairs. There is no reason to doubt the integrity of your vehicle after repairs by professional collision repair in New Jersey. Certified auto body shops work with manufacturers to restore vehicles to their factory specifications. When this is done, the vehicle can look and perform just like it originally did. A properly restored car is as safe to drive like any other.

Collision Repair Isn’t a Mystery

Collision repair is performed with time-proven techniques according to industry standards. Collision repair in New Jersey uses state-of-the-art methods to bring wrecked vehicles back to life. It is important to start the repair process immediately after an accident. The first step is to contact your local body shop to see how it can help.