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If you are operating a commercial kitchen, then you will need an assortment of equipment that is designed for keeping foods and beverages cool or frozen. The kitchen equipment for NJ restaurants must meet certain standards to meet the expectations of health code inspectors. The manager of a bar may want a smaller refrigerator that fits underneath the countertop for fast access to cold items, or she may want to have an automatic ice dispenser that customers can use before filling soft drink cups. Alternatively, a business may want to install a machine that dispenses cold drinking water for its clientele.

Find Refrigeration Equipment That Will Fit Into Particular Spaces

When a commercial kitchen requires refrigeration equipment, it must fit into particular spaces so that the employees have access to the rest of the items. The doors on freezers or refrigerators may need to open from the left or right side, but a restaurant owner might prefer having doors that slide open for easier access to foodstuffs and beverages. Inside the freezer or refrigerator, you may want to have shelves that are placed a certain distance apart for proper storage of extra-large items or to store individual beverage bottles.

Choose Refrigeration Systems That Are Lockable

The refrigeration systems that you require for a commercial kitchen can also have drawers instead of doors and shelves. If you want to prevent theft or tampering, then the doors or shelves can have locks that only accept keys for access to the contents. Restaurant and commercial kitchen managers who are on a strict budget can save money by ordering used refrigeration equipment that has been refurbished to meet health code standards. For additional information about our kitchen equipment for NJ businesses, you can contact Automatic Ice Maker Co., at