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Keeping your office clean gives the right impression to your clients and creates an ideal working environment for your employees. Here are key tips if you’re hiring janitorial services in Saint Paul.

Start with your budget

How much should you set aside? Do a bit of research to find out how much the average cost is. That’s going to help you work out which of the price quotes you’ll get hits the mark.

Consider quality

When you hire janitorial services in Saint Paul, it’s important to make sure you’ll getting quality results. Look for cleaning companies that have an excellent reputation for delivering outstanding cleaning solutions and performance. That’s one way to get the results you want.


Do a bit of homework. Find out which companies have a wonderful track record in the industry and which ones don’t. Going over reviews can help. If you find too many complaints and negative feedback, that means you should look elsewhere. That should help you steer clear of bad bets.

Ask for proof of insurance

Before you think about hiring the services of a reputable cleaning company, make sure their employees are insured. Don’t just take their word for it, though. Considering the hospital bills you could end up being liable for, it’s only smart and practical to ask for proof of insurance. If anything accidents happen on the job, you can rest easy, knowing your cleaning staff has coverage.

Read the contract

Most cleaning companies will ask you to sign a contract, the Houston Chronicle says. Read and understand every detail before you sign on the dotted lot. Some may try to lock you into service. You’ll want to check for those details. Some may offer flexible packages. That may be much more ideal, as these give you time to decide whether you and the firm are a good fit. For more information about these services click here. You can also follow us on Twitter for more updates.