A Child Support Lawyer DuPage County Helps Custodial Parents When Support-Paying Parents Experience Income Reduction

by | Jun 14, 2024 | Lawyers & Law Firms

A Child Support Lawyer DuPage County can help a parent whose ex-spouse has not been paying enough support because of factors relating to work. If this person has been laid off from a job, either temporarily or permanently, a lack of income can lead to an inability to pay support. This parent has the right to petition the court for lower payments, although a judge may not agree, especially if the custodial parent has skilled legal representation to explain why the support should not be lowered. Even if the parent cannot make those payments now, he or she will still be responsible for catching up on them at some point in the future.

The ex-spouse may be receiving unemployment compensation. The amount is lower than the wages, which can be a hardship for this individual. Nevertheless, the court may still mandate that a certain percentage of the weekly compensation be sent for child support if the custodial parent brings the case to court. A Child Support Lawyer DuPage County can work to have those checks garnished. Even though a hardship may be involved, that doesn’t mean the parent is no longer responsible for supporting the child. Visit here for more details.

Another situation in which a Child Support Lawyer DuPage County may become involved would be when the noncustodial parent is injured at work and receives compensation. Weekly payments from the workers compensation system are intended to make up for most of the lost wages during recovery, and the individual should still be paying child support. If there is a settlement provided because the person can no longer work full-time, the custodial parent probably cannot petition the court to receive some of that money unless back payments are owed. The other parent still will be responsible for support payments as the law requires unless he or she convinces the court this is too much of a hardship.

These matters can be very complex. An attorney with an organization such as the Keller Legal Services in DuPage County can explain the relevant laws in these various situations and how to make sure the custodial parent still receives deserved support payments.

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