Attractive Dentures from Macon, GA Denture Clinic

by | Mar 15, 2021 | Dental Care

A beautiful smile gives people the impression of good health, energy, and happiness. A common procedure to restore missing teeth which prevent this impression from being conveyed is the addition of dentures. Dentures help replace teeth lost due to accidents, injury, congenital conditions, or disease. Sometimes called false teeth, dentures are replicated teeth that are supported by the surrounding tissues of the mouth. Most dentures are removable, but there are many different designs one may opt for. Some of them clasp onto original teeth, or onto dental implants, and others require permanent bonding.

Studies show people place a high value on an attractive smile, and dentures are an affordable way to achieve it. Professionally designed dentures from the Macon Denture Clinic can provide options for patients who have lost some, or all, of their teeth. Physically, dentures help improve a person’s ability to chew and swallow their food. Because teeth are also used to enable someone to speak, when missing teeth are replaced a person is better able to form and pronounce their words. Dentures give the smile a more natural appearance in the face by supporting the lips and cheeks. By improving a patient’s facial appearance, dentures help provide a person with more confidence to interact with family, friends, and in social situations.

Depending on a person’s needs, partial dentures may be the answer for someone who is missing only some of their teeth. Partial dentures can be removable or fixed. Fixed partial dentures fit onto remaining teeth. They are made from material that will resemble the teeth that are missing. This type of denture is a bridge or crown. Dental professionals that are skilled and experienced in the proper design and building of dentures for the patient can provide personalized help at Providence Dental Spa.

To decide if dentures are the right treatment to improve a person’s smile, a dentist who offers Providence Dental Spa treatments can provide an evaluation of the client’s oral health condition. Professional cosmetic dentists offer oral health care evaluations at Macon Denture Clinic. To determine if partial or full dentures are appropriate for the client, contact them to answer any questions regarding the process.

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