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Of all the pests to find in your home, bed bugs are perhaps the most disruptive. Miniscule critters that can be hard to detect with the naked eye, learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of these blood-sucking bugs:

Spotted or Musty Bed Sheets

While bed bugs themselves are tough to spot, they have a tendency to leave behind rust- or brown-colored spots (you guessed it: their droppings and your blood!). Furthermore, their presence may cause a musty odor on linens, in closets, and around furniture. Rather than an indication of your hygiene, both are signs that bed bugs may have taken up residence under your roof.

Red, Itchy Bumps

If sleepless nights are followed by tiny red bumps that itch incessantly, chances are likely that bed bugs have moved in to your bedroom. Forego ineffective and costly DIY attempts at extermination and contact a professional pest control tech to cleanse your home, letting you get back to the rest and relaxation you deserve.

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