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Vintage restoration may be fun, but it’s a lot of hard work, too. From special tools to expert tech, you’ll want to make sure that you bring your vehicle to only the most trusted of auto restoration shops to whip your baby back into shape.

Look for Experience and Expertise

Not only should you take your car to a reliable provider of reputable repair, but it will be in your best interest to make sure your shop of choice has specific experience with a car like yours. From the make and model to its year and condition, every vintage car requires unique care tailored specifically to its individual idiosyncrasies.

Request an Estimate, but Be Flexible

Unless the shop has already disassembled your vehicle, it is unlikely that an estimate will be completely accurate from the get-go. Nonetheless, an expert auto tech should have the savvy to at least make an accurate ballpark guess of bodywork and reparation costs. Request a written quote, as you’ll want to reference it when you get the final bill.

Check the Space and Quiz the Techs

From a clean waiting room to an organized garage, a professional’s workspace is a direct reflection of both his work -ethic and -mentality. While haphazard disarray may hint at genius, a hodge podge of dirty rags and dishevelled tools is likely to indicate that your car may receive the same level of care and commitment.

Do Your Research

Ask around to see whether friends or family have any recommendations for a good auto restoration tech, focusing just as much (if not more) on the quality of work than the cost of repair. Check out services on his website and cull online reviews to ensure that your final choice has a solid reputation for both car care and customer service.

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