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You’re about to purchase a replacement for your car and a pickup truck is what you want. Since you’ve never bought any type of truck before, it pays to have some idea of how to tell a good deal from one that’s not all that great. You will find some excellent used trucks for sale in Canton, OH, if you follow these three tips.

Decide What Features You Want

Before you look at any used truck, spend some time deciding what features matter the most to you. How much space do you need in the back? Would you like the cab to be large enough to seat three or four people comfortably? Maybe you want one that already has a traditional sound system rather than satellite radio. Decide what the truck must have, and you can focus attention on vehicles that include all or at least most of those features.

Ask to See the Vehicle History

When you do come across a few used trucks for sale in Canton, OH, that seem like a good fit, ask to see the vehicle histories. You want to ensure that the title is clear and that the truck was not involved in a flood or some type of serious accident. The goal is to make sure that there isn’t the potential for damage that could create problems for you within the first couple of years of ownership.

Take a Test Drive and Try Everything

Assuming the history does not include anything that makes you hesitate, it’s time to go for a test drive. As you try each of those used trucks for sale in Canton, OH, pay attention to how the engine responds when you accelerate. Be mindful of any unusual sounds. How does the engine idle at stop signs or red lights?

Try everything that comes on the truck. That includes the wipers, the sound system, the heating and air conditioning, and anything else that’s present. By the time you return the car to the dealer, you should know exactly what the truck will and will not provide.

Remember to take your time and check out more than one used truck. Even if you think that you find the right one immediately, try one or two more trucks. This will make it easier to compare the merits of each one and settle on the truck that you want to drive for the next several years.