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The time tested rule of thumb when buying a house is that it is all about location. The local town makes a difference in access to emergency services to eating the best pizza on a Friday night. Currently, on the Colorado market, Pueblo may sit as the hottest location for real estate, but some places never lose their allure. Housing in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, has an evergreen type of appeal.


Named after the naturally forming hot springs, the town of Steamboat Springs developed by the Yampa River. Also, born from the landscape are river and cycling sports that round out the recreational and competitive event offerings. The economic anchor for the whole town is the skiing industry. Because of the high attraction, those who work in Steamboat Springs know the frustrations of securing housing during the ebb and flow of the season.

The Current Housing Landscape

Do not get caught up in the housing reports. Colorado reported a lack of availability in the housing market for 2019. Limited access not only influences fixed prices but also creates concern for area salaries. The same houses are stagnating in a market that may not be able to provide the jobs needed to pay for them. Unlike some other parts of Colorado, the city of Steamboat Springs is eager to develop and is making significant strides in changing the market to address these problems by increasing the housing stock and developing new housing in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. New homes are being built to perform within a sustainable community while keeping an energy-efficient nature with determined mindfulness to preserve the environment. The local economy secures itself by channeling resource offerings towards residents.

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