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Speed Variance

No matter what the posted speed limit, almost every driver has now and again pressed their luck cruising along at five or ten miles over that limit. Of course, they always believe there is a good reason—getting to work on time, getting home on time, trying to make it to a store before it closes, and the list goes on. However, not one of these drivers has ever anticipated becoming involved in an accident simply because they are driving at a higher rate of speed than the majority of vehicles around them.

Driving speed is undeniably an important factor when it comes to road safety. Increased speed not only affects the severity of a crash, but is directly related to the likelihood of being involved in one. Several studies have concluded that as the differential in speed between a speeding driver and the surrounding traffic rises, the crash rate increases exponentially.

This evidence is further supported by the fact that despite raising the speed limit from 55 mph to 65 mph on some interstates, accident rates and fatalities actually decreased on these stretches of roadway. Why you ask? Because speed variance is more of a crash risk than speed as an independent factor; and when the speed limit was increased many more drivers were content to stay within the limit, decreasing the speed variation between cars.

Additionally, lane width, traffic flow, and junction density were all found to interact with the speed/crash relationship. This explains why studies have notated that crash rates rise more quickly with increasing speed on minor roads than on major roads.

Accidents Involving Speeding

Many accidents involve careless or reckless behavior behind the wheel. However, many drivers don’t feel that they are being careless when they are driving a bit faster than everyone else for a short period of time. Nevertheless, driving faster than the speed limit is unlawful and always increases your risk of being involved in an accident.

Other accidents are caused by blatant disregard for safety, as is the case when two cars race down the expressway competing at high speeds, or when someone is attempting to elude the police. These types of incidents often end badly for the drivers of the speeding vehicles, and unfortunately, other innocent motorists and/or pedestrians.

Chicago Car Accident Attorneys

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