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When you have experienced an injury, you may need rehabilitation services from registered nurses. The health care program in Millburn NJ residents need is available locally so that you don’t need to relocate to a different city. There is an assortment of reasons for needing rehabilitative care in an assisted living environment where there are often other senior citizens. You or an elderly relative may need physical therapy after breaking a hip or having hip joint replacement surgery. Learning how to walk again after surgery or breaking a bone can take several weeks, and you will need to perform certain exercises to strengthen your muscles.

Therapy after a Stroke

Alternatively, you may have had a stroke, leading to paralysis on one side of your body or the inability to speak and swallow food. The recovery from a stroke requires long-term therapy from speech, occupational and physical therapists. With daily therapy, you are more likely to have a complete recovery so that you can return to a normal life at home or in an assisted living environment. Additional reasons for needing rehabilitation services are to cope with cardiovascular or lung disease that makes breathing difficult. In a rehabilitation center, you have fast access to specialized breathing machines and oxygen tanks.

Professional Hospice Care

If you need hospice care for the last few months of your life, then you will want to live somewhere that provides the best mental and physical treatments for a terminal illness. This type of service primarily focuses on the patient, but it also helps the relatives of the patients who have emotional needs during this time. The health care program Millburn NJ residents need is located at Inglemoor Rehabilitation & Care Center, and you can contact us with our website located at