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Though in the beginning of your weight loss journey you may have struggled to work out, adaptation to your routine will slowly acclimate you to your new lifestyle. Among others, you’ll know it’s time to switch it up if you experience any of the following:

Too Easy

The same workout that was once challenging will soon become a breeze. To ensure your ongoing success, and to boost both weight loss and muscle gain, tack on some miles or increase your reps.

No Results

Even a workout that once shed pounds will soon become your new baseline. Rather than get stuck on a plateau, switch up or strengthen your routine to reinvigorate your muscles and metabolism.


Regardless of how accustomed to your routine you’ve grown, boredom will soon become a harbinger of doom for even the most fanatic of fitness mavens. To keep your success on an upward spiral, change it up.

Change in Goals

Though originally you may have wanted to lose weight, perhaps now you want to build muscle, or tone the ones you already have. Whenever your goals change, readjust your routine accordingly.

No matter where you’re at in your journey, the seasoned staff at The MAX Challenge are here to revitalize the way you see health. For a fitness routine that works, stop in to see us at our New City location, or visit us online at “Company Name”.