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When a person is serious about overcoming an addiction, they may wonder if it is better for them to just quit cold turkey or if they should find a rehab center. Here are a few of the advantages that come from working with professionals instead of a person simply trying to quit substance use on their own.

One of the reasons why the cold turkey method does not always work is because a person is looking at their addiction as a moral issue or as a matter of having enough willpower to quit using a substance. However, many medical professionals believe that substance abuse is a disease. No one would think it was reasonable for a person to try to cure a serious disease without the help of professionals. When a person contacts rehab centers in Los Angeles, they will get all of the help that is needed to recover from an addiction when viewed from the standpoint as it being a disease.

The cold turkey method often leads a person to relapse. Part of the problem is that quitting cold turkey can lead to serious withdrawal symptoms. As a person starts to experience the physical, emotional, and mental symptoms related to withdrawal, they may do anything to make them stop, including returning to the substance they are addicted to. When visiting rehab centers in Los Angeles, a person has the help that is needed to go through withdrawal in a safe way that leads to long-term success.

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