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After people get arrested, they must await trial. This sometimes takes just a few days, though the period between arrest and trial may take over a year. Most can bail out of jail before then, though they have to loan the court assets of value to do so. Here’s a breakdown of different types of bail.

Release on Recognizance – Uncommon, but Possible

Sometimes, judges choose to let people free from jail after arrest while awaiting trial without having to post bail. This is called release on personal recognizance. Factors like having lived in Tyler, Texas, for a long time, running a business in the area, or otherwise having close, deep ties to the community are common reasons for people being granted this alternative to bail.

Cash Bond

Cash bond in Tyler, TX, is what it sounds like – directly providing a lump sum of cash to the court in question in exchange for release. As long as the released persons follow rules and arrive at court on time, they eventually get the full amount posted back.

Property Bond

While a bail of $5,000, for example, can be afforded with $5,000 in cash, real estate worth more than $5,000 will only usually be accepted in lieu of cash to make a property bond. This involves the court getting a lien, or a claim to ownership if certain conditions aren’t met, against that property. Usually, buildings or land are offered to courts to satisfy property bonds.

This Bondsman Helps People Understand Bond Options

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