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There are many different species of pests that can get inside the home and cause an infestation. It’s not uncommon for homeowners who have cats or dogs inside their house to become infested with fleas. This type of pest is very difficult for homeowners to get rid of themselves and it often takes a residential pest control in Dubbo area professional to completely eradicate them. Read the commonly asked questions below to learn more about flea infestations in the home and how to control them.

Why is it difficult for homeowners to get rid of the fleas themselves?

Fleas multiply very quickly and it’s possible for a flea to lay approximately 25 eggs each day. When there’s an infestation, several adult fleas are laying that many eggs every day and the cycle is very difficult to break. Dogs and cats that go outdoors can pick up more fleas every time they go outside and they bring these additional fleas into the house. A flea control service can help you. After an adult flea lays eggs while on an animal, the eggs often fall off and land in the carpeting, on the furniture or in the pet’s bedding. These eggs will eventually hatch and cause even more fleas to be inside the house.

After hiring a professional to eradicate the fleas, how can homeowners keep from getting another infestation?

As soon as a Residential Pest Control professional comes to the home, individuals can take steps to prevent another infestation. Treating the animal for fleas is one of the first steps that individuals need to do. Keeping up with a flea treatment is also necessary and pet owners should apply a flea treatment to their pets once a month. It’s essential that homeowners vacuum their carpeting and furniture very thoroughly. After vacuuming, individuals must empty the vacuum outside. It’s even a good idea for individuals to vacuum several times throughout the day for several days in a row. The pet’s bedding must be washed in hot water and dried in the clothes dryer. Furniture covers, rugs and other fabric items that the pets often lay on should also be washed and dried.

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