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Physical and occupational therapists are two separate types of occupations. However, when it comes to discussing their roles, it is possible to see the similarities and not just the differences. differences. This explains why it is possible to arrange to see a Physical And Occupational Therapist In Washington, PA and not two separate entities.

Physical Therapists

Physical therapists (PT) focus on the physical needs of their patients working to improve range-of-motion and other body-focused movement. Exercise is employed to improve both movement and reduce pain. The approach is hands-on. It is intended to improve motion, avoid surgery and medication and/or reduce future pain and injury.

Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapists (OT) focus is on addressing their patients’ desires to continue to live the life they have and perform the tasks required. OTs examine the existing work or living environment to see how it influences the patient’s ability to perform. OTs might suggest adapting, changing or modifying specific aspects to allow the continuance of their routine, etc. while working on improving, when necessary, an individual’s essential fine motor skills. S/he may also work with children and young adults to help them become successful in the classroom.


In essence, PT is about regaining mobility; OT focuses on coping and adapting mechanisms to forge ahead in life. While an OT is grounded in mental healthcare, it, like PT, utilizes physical rehabilitation when required. Compatibilities do exist between a physical and occupational therapist. In Washington, PA, you can find someone who combines the two therapeutic approaches to provide comprehensive care.