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Good benefits packages are vital for businesses looking to create the best incentives for potential employees. That is why many local businesses work with planners to build the most comprehensive defined benefit plans in Russellville, AR.

Understanding Defined Benefit Plan Basics

Defined benefit plans, also known as DB pension plans, are a benefit that allows businesses to offer several options to employees once they retire. The packages are set to offer specified pension payments, lump-sum payouts, or a retirement package that offers a little of both at the time of retirement. In contrast to other retirement packages, defined benefit plan amounts are determined by an employee’s work history and years of employment. These packages are not based on investment returns like many other retirement plans.

The Employer Benefits of Defined Benefit Plans

When a business creates a defined benefit plan with the help of a professional business planner, they can ensure the program is adequately funded as a regular expenditure. These retirement benefits are designed to offer the best pension package for employees to incentivize long-term employment and reduce employee turnover rates.

These types of pension plans are top-rated offerings that can help boost the recruitment of talented individuals for employment, especially for potential employees with families. For businesses looking to create the best comprehensive defined benefit plans in Russellville, AR, for employees Dale Brunk, CEBS, AIF of Landmark Financial, is an experienced professional in the field of pension plan creation. You can learn more about Landmark Financial at Sitename.


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