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A full-service supplier of agronomy supplies, agronomic solutions and crop consulting services provide expert farming-technology services for farmers. There are a variety of aspects that go into creating a specialized plan.


Precision agronomy and ag-tech services can improve input usage and higher seed efficiency through such processes as seed treatments and rate prescriptions for multiple top industry equipment brands.


Industry-leading agronomic expertise allows for expert-level consultant services for improved crop production and nutrients.

Pest Management

Crop management services in Covington TN can preserve potential genetic yield by reducing disease, insect and weed pressure.

Agricultural Consulting

As many as 100 yearly field trials help provide valuable and applicable insights. Crop management services conduct research, including variety and hybrid screenings for row crops, herbicide evaluations or other concerns, while emphasizing transparency, competency and relevance to the needs of growers.


Crop management services also extend to overall evaluations of goals, potential tools and other services such as crop scouting, tissue sampling and field mapping to help businesses achieve expected returns.


Customized plans formulated around such practicalities as nutrients, crop protection or monitoring of soil moisture assist growers in reaching their goals.

An Ag Technology Specialist

The goal of crop management services is to provide farmers and growers with a comprehensive picture of processes as a foundation for an informed strategy, helping them exceed productivity expectations. Ag Tech Specialists are vital in sorting through this information and making an appropriate recommendation on a farm to farm basis.