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When it comes to running large equipment on your farm, diesel fuel is really the only way to go. Traditional gasoline is far too expensive and simply does not last as long as does diesel.

Here are some facts about buying diesel gasoline from a company specializing in agricultural service.

Why Is It Dyed Red?

Agricultural diesel fuel is dyed red to set it apart from highway diesel fuel. Due to its high content of sulfur, it is only legally able to be used for highly specific purposes. While it can still “technically” be used for on-road vehicles, it is very illegal to use it for this purpose. An offender can be heavily fined for misusing agricultural diesel fuel.

What Is It Used For?

Farm diesel is used for tractors, large farming equipment, as well as generating power and heat. It has a wide variety of uses and is not strictly kept within the agriculture industry.

Do You Need A License?

It is not necessary to be licensed for the sole purpose of purchasing agricultural diesel fuel. That being said, it is highly recommended that you only purchase from agricultural service in Lebanon IN, companies that are fully licensed and that can prove they follow the very stringent regulations surrounding this type of fuel.

Why Is There A Price Difference?

The price differs between regular diesel and agricultural diesel because the agricultural version has a lower fuel tax on it. This allows the businesses that use it to make a profit. This is not a concern when regular diesel is used.