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It is challenging to choose the right gift for a loved one. However, following these four tips can help you choose a gift that is perfect for anyone.

Make the gift giving an event. This will require you to get creative with the packaging. Instead of using standard wrapping paper, think about how you can make the gift-giving special. You may want to send your loved one on a scavenger hunt to find it. Or you may want to put the gift in a giant stuffed animal. The idea is to never underestimate the fun that is involved in unwrapping a present.

Give the gift of an experience to a loved one. If you know someone loves a particular team, buy them tickets to a game. If they love a specific book, buy them tickets to the movie or to see a theatrical show.

Personalized gifts are always special. You can commemorate an important event with photo engraved crystal gifts. These are beautiful to display and will remind your loved one of the special event every time they see it.

Another idea is to look to the past. For example, if someone had a beloved pet that died, you could make photo engraved crystal gifts with a picture of the pet. Or you could find a way to help a loved one relive their childhood. For example, you could buy an old gaming system. Or you may want to buy food items a person hasn’t eaten since they were a kid.