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Appropriate Bolted joint analysis looks at how much force a bolt is under. If it’s under too much stress, bends are much more likely to occur. So, while designing bolted joints, it’s vital to test them. Otherwise, their capabilities may not live up to your expectations.

Bolted Joint Analysis

Part of what makes this technique so valuable is that you don’t have to take stuff apart. Instead of unscrewing each joint in a product, we can test them as is. So, if there’s something wrong, it’s not hard to figure out what’s causing it.

Isolate Causes of Joint Failure

By leaving bolts in place, testing them is much easier. We can measure how much tension they’re under without moving anything. So, if a problem is there, you can find it fast. Plus, the analysis will show you where the problem is. Then, you can fix it without spending tons of time searching.

Fix Problems With Joints

Each product has a different installation torque. If a bolt isn’t installed using this force, it won’t go in all the way. As a result, the final product’s joint won’t be as strong as it should be. However, if you’re analyzing joints, you can see which locking technique works best. If one of them is stronger than the rest, it’s not all that hard to find. You can even measure the joint’s strength after you’ve changed locking techniques. That way, there’s no guessing involved with product design. For many applications, analysis has a ton of value.