Considering The Costs Of Different Countertops

by | Aug 12, 2021 | Home Improvement Services

Whether you live in Minneapolis, MN, or in one of the many smaller cities, towns, and rural areas around the city, creating a beautiful kitchen is a goal for many homeowners. This is true for new home construction as well as for home renovation projects.

Choosing the right countertop option is an important decision in bringing all elements of the kitchen together. Choosing countertops that add to the design, style, and visual appeal of the kitchen is just one of the factors to consider. Cost and durability of the countertops will be other factors to weigh in making a final choice.

Natural Stone

One of the choices many people living in and around Minneapolis, MN, look to in countertops is natural stone. This could be marble, granite, or even quartz, with the possibility to include the less common options such as soapstone.

While natural stone is more costly than many alternatives, it also provides countertops that will last for a lifetime with just basic maintenance. Some natural stone counters require sealing every few years. Natural stone is also a highly desired feature when selling a home, something that is important to keep in mind.


There are many different options in laminate countertops. These are durable and can withstand heavy use, but they tend to chip, crack, scratch, and stain over time. Laminate can also lift off the surface of the counters, and the typical lifespan of this countertop is about 15 years. While it is less costly, the need to replace it on a frequent basis can really add up.

The same general problems are found with ceramic, tile, and wood countertops. While less costly than natural stone, they are less durable and more easily damaged with typical use.

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