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When it comes to Windshield Repair and Replacement in Chippewa Falls WI, you have probably heard a variety of myths. In fact, it is often very difficult to determine what is real and what is a myth when it comes to this type of information. This is why it is important to set the record straight and find out what is real and what is not when it comes to repairs and windshield replacement.

#1 – Mobile Windshield Replacement is Really Expensive

One of the myths that you may take as fact when it comes to windshield replacement is that it can be really expensive to have your windshield repaired or replaced by a mobile repair company. The truth is, however, if you repair the windshield by calling a mobile service at the first sign of a crack, you can actually save hundreds of dollars. How? If that crack turns into something more, it will cost you!

#2 – You HAVE to Have a Full Windshield Replacement

Another thing that many people take as reality when it is actually a myth is that you have to replace your windshield if it gets a crack in it. That, however, is not true. In fact, now more than ever, a simple repair can usually get the problem taken care of and your insurance will probably cover it!

#3 – You Can Repair the Crack or Chip on Your Own

This is not only false, but it could also be very dangerous. Though you will certainly find windshield repair kits out on the market, it is definitely not recommended that you use them. Why? They simply are not high quality enough to really make an impact on the chip or crack. Only a professional company has the professional-grade resins and chemicals that are needed to fully repair your window.

#4 – Windshield Repair will Take Days

Nope! Actually, a professional, especially a mobile professional, will be able to repair a windshield in a matter of minutes, definitely not days or even hours. Also, if you choose a mobile service, they can come right to you which means no time off of work to take your car into a repair shop.

As you can see, several myths about windshield repair and replacement have been busted. Don’t believe everything you hear when it comes to windshields. Take the time to do your own research.

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