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Contractors who do basement finishing in Manchester, CT, must install egress windows according to local code regulations unless the area already has one or more emergency exits. Basements with living space are required to have an exit that does not involve going upstairs. If this lower level will have bedrooms, each of those rooms may be required to have an egress window.

Advantages of Basement Finishing

The advantages of basement finishing in Manchester, CT, are many. Homeowners can double their living space if they decide to have the entire lower level finished. That can create a family room or TV room, a fitness center, a home office or a craft room. The resale value rises dramatically because the house now appeals to larger families who have to cross off many residential real estate options for lack of living space.

Emergency Exit Considerations

The stairway to the first floor is not enough for an emergency exit from the basement. A fire in the room the stairs lead to can prevent people in the basement from getting out. A tornado that crushes that side of the house also blocks the exit. Tornadoes are unusual in Connecticut, but they still occur about once a year in the state.

Increased Satisfaction

With all of this extra living area, and routes that allow everyone to leave safely, satisfaction with the home increases substantially. The home now offers more privacy and an area where its residents can conveniently pursue their own interests. This work can be completed by Basement Finish Pros LLC, a contractor providing information at