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Determining whether your child’s ailment requires a visit to the pediatrician, urgent care or the emergency room can be tricky. Read on for information about how to decide which of these three are the best fit for your child’s given situation.

The Pediatrician

A pediatrician performs check ups, but he or she also conducts sick visits. Seeing a pediatrician for illness is best for those who can afford to wait for an appointment, or for those whose children are experiencing mild, lingering or ongoing effects such as headaches.

Urgent Care

Taking your child to an urgent care clinic indicates something more serious is going on, and that your child needs to be seen that same day. Issues such as earaches, rashes, allergies, fever, stomach bugs and more fall under the category of needing urgent care services in Orlando , FL . Moreover, if you decide to take your child to an urgent care clinic and the healthcare specialist determines your child is experiencing a more serious issue, he or she can have you admitted to a hospital where you can receive appropriate treatment.

Thankfully, there is after hours pediatric care in Orlando, FL, that can offer services to your child when he or she may need it the most.

The Emergency Room

Reserve taking your child to the emergency room for instances that are very serious. Examples of vitally serious ailments include:

  • Racing Heartbeat
  • Heavy Bleeding
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Not Breathing At All
  • High Fever With Stiffness
  • Serious Burns
  • Throwing Up Blood

If you are interested in learning more about after hours pediatric care in Orlando, FL, contact us at Your Kid’s Urgent Care – Orlando, or visit us online