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Whether you have a loved one in assisted living or you care for someone at home that requires trusted medical transport for hospital visits, then look no further for the assistance you need. These EMS in New Jersey offer unbeatable care for your loved ones by providing professional medical transport to and from medical facilities around the state. Now you can rest assured that you have the help you need when you can’t transport them on your own.

Emergency & Non-Emergency Transport Available

Taking a ride in an ambulance doesn’t always have to be during an emergency situation. In fact, employing the help of these EMS in New Jersey ensures that the right equipment and knowledge is on hand if anything should go wrong while your loved one is in transit to a different location. Each ambulance staff member is well-trained and educated on emergency procedures and can handle any situation that should arise.

Become A First Responder

If there were ever a time where more first responders were needed, it’s now. If you feel the call to join the team of EMS in New Jersey that dedicates their lives to keeping your loved ones safe and healthy, then you’re in luck. Not only do they provide transportation services for medical needs, but this establishment also provides courses and administers certifications so you can join the team of well-respected first responders in New Jersey.

Contact Alert Ambulance Services INC. at to learn more about their services and how you can become a part of the team.