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Thousands of New Jersey residents depend on walk in clinics for non-life threatening medical emergencies. For many, these facilities offer major advantages over traditional emergency rooms, because they include benefits such as:

  • CONVENIENCE: Most towns today have one or two hospital emergency rooms, often located miles from the average resident’s home. However, when they need a Walk-In Clinic Howell NJ patients can typically find one just a short driving distance away. Clinics are not part of large medical facilities, and are located in compact, efficient buildings. They can be constructed efficiently and conveniently, right in the middle of communities.
  • LOWER COST: When they choose a Walk-In Clinic Howell NJ patients typically pay about one fourth the cost that a hospital emergency room would charge for the same services. In addition, urgent care facilities accept many types of insurance.
  • FAST HELP: In the past, patients with issues like the flu, minor bone breaks, sprains, and skin conditions were destined to wait for long hours in emergency rooms, which often deal with life-and-death situations. However, urgent care clinics are well staffed, efficient, and designed to provide fast but thorough care for a wide range of issues. In addition, anyone who needs care can go online to get clinic details. A Visit Website information will include hours of operation, a list of services covered, payment types accepted, and more. Patients can even find the clinic locations closest to their homes.
  • MULTIPLE SERVICES: My InstaDoc Urgent Care of Howell is equipped with labs, EKG’s, and more. They have the staff and equipment to repair wounds, stitches, and lacerations. On-site doctors can stabilize minor fractures, and treat many sports injuries. Staff members can help with urinary tract infections, asthma attacks, migraines, and many breathing problems. Clinics offer IV therapy, high blood pressure stabilization, ear irrigation, and all types of physicals. They have on site digital x-ray equipment. Patients are offered quick Strep tests, blood work, cholesterol testing, Tetanus shots, rapid Mono tests, and more.

Today many patients routinely use an urgent care clinic for non-life threatening medical needs. Many choose these conveniently-located facilities because they are less expensive than emergency rooms, provide faster help, and offer a wide variety of services.