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Boat insurance is beneficial for you if you are purchasing your first boat or are an avid boater. Boat accidents do not happen as frequently as car accidents. Still, it is important for you to protect your boat in the same way that you would protect your automobile. Here are a few reasons why boat insurance The Woodlands TX recommend this product for their clients.

1. Boat insurance protects you and others against injuries caused by boating accidents. Every year there are thousands of boat accidents resulting in hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries. Boat insurance may provide medical payments to cover the financial costs associated with boating injuries. Without insurance, a person injured in a boating accident could be left in a financial predicament.

2. Boat insurance can cover property damage. Property damage to your boat can be expensive. Annually, recreational boating accidents account for millions of dollars in property damage. In addition to paying for damage, insurance may pay to transport your boat to be repaired if there is not an experienced boat smith in the local area.

3. Coverage is flexible. There are a number of liability limits and deductibles. There is additional coverage for greater protection, depending on your preference. Liability limits can start at around $15,000, with the option to increase them to hundreds of thousands of dollars. There are umbrella policies that protect against additional liability for the boat, home, and car.

Insurance Offices Texas offers you the personal and business insurance protection needed to give you peace of mind. Our boat insurance The Woodlands TX will work with you in determining the coverage and premiums that will match your budget and needs. Contact us today at

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