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After introducing a dog into your home, you’re going to need to make sure it receives the same bathing and grooming that all of the human family members have. A pet spa in Parkville MO can provide everything from trimming your dog’s nails to making sure your pet smells clean and pristine when he leaves the spa. There are a few tips to consider before you take your dog for his first grooming session so that he’s a little more comfortable with the technicians and in the environment.

Calming the Nerves

When you take your dog to his grooming appointment, he might seem a bit frightened and nervous. Once the technicians get their hands on his coat by brushing him and bathing him, your dog should relax and enjoy the session. Most groomers have treats that can distract dogs while they are at the spa as well.


Try to brush your dog before going to a pet spa in Parkville MO. This can remove a lot of the loose hair and make it easier for the technicians to bathe and trim your pet’s hair. If you keep your pet’s hair brushed during the year, especially in the winter months when the hair is thicker, then it can decrease the number of mats that occur.

Massages Before the Appointment

Touch your dog’s feet as much as possible if you want the technicians to clip the nails. You can also massage your dog’s ears and back as these are areas that will usually be touched during the spa visit. If they become accustomed to being massaged and touched, then they will usually feel more comfortable at a spa.

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