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When it comes to processing wastewater sludge, the cost of the container used to do the processing can vary widely. The variance is directly correlated to the speed that the processing can be performed. Here are some facts about a dewatering container.


The designs of the containers can also vary as well. The common type of container is probably the design based on a roll-off box. Any container that is being used for processing wastewater needs to be airtight. Amongst these containers are those that are rear loaders and front loaders as well as containers that are hoppers or luggers. No matter which style the dewatering container is, it will be equipped with either a removable filter or a permanent filter.

Vacuum Process

When wastewater sludge containers were first invented, they made use of gravity drainage. However, when it was discovered that there could be quicker ways of draining the sludge, a mechanical vacuum process was invented. This process is really only viable when the container being used is a permanent filter variety. This type of process is typically seen mainly at wastewater plants where the sludge is of a residual sandy nature. The screening that captures the sludge can then be vacuumed and the sludge is disposed of in an appropriate fashion. When the waste is of a liquid nature, there generally needs to be an addition of certain chemicals added so that the waste coagulates.

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