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Minnesota can get frightfully cold come winter. Many residents keep warm by using an indoor fireplace or woodstove. This is an economical method of supplementing a home’s regular source of heat. Learn how to make your MN home cozy, welcoming and warm with a direct vent gas fireplace.

Get Instant Heat & Ambiance with Just a Turn of the Dial

What is nice about installing a direct vent gas fireplace is the convenience of having heat available with just a turn of the dial. This warming source also creates instant room ambiance at the same time. Imagine coming in from a cold snowy evening to a blazing fireplace that invites intimate conversations and creates a quiet place ideal for reading a book or just relaxing after a hard day at work.

Forget About Putting Forth Great Effort to Start a Fire

Traditional wood-burning fireplaces need plenty of maintenance chores throughout the year. Each time a fire is desired, someone has to haul in logs and take the time and effort to start the fire and maintain it without getting smoke all through the house. Forget about all of that fuss by installing a gas fireplace instead. Many homeowners wonder why they didn’t do this before.

Gas Fireplaces Provide Reliable Heat at Just the Right Temperature

Gas fireplaces are able to be set so that air inside the space is warmed to the exact temperature desired. Learn more about gas fireplaces by contacting a local gas fireplace dealer for details.