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Whether you compete competitively or participate casually for fitness and recreation, having the appropriate clothing for gymnastics is an important part of competing and practicing your routine. Choosing between all of the shimmery fabrics, galaxy patterns, sequins, satin and more can quickly become overwhelming when choosing a competition leotard for your upcoming meet. To pick the right gymnastics clothing for an upcoming competition, keep in mind various factors. First, pick out a color that they love and will shine in. You’ll also want to keep in mind any background colors and choose something complimentary so that you can stand out against the crowd. Sequins can be pretty, but if placed in the wrong spot can cause uncomfortable chafing that may ruin your competition routine.

Practice and Workouts

Before you decide on a leotard to wear during a competition, you want to make sure you practice all devices and routines in your selected outfit many times beforehand. Different fabrics move and stretch differently, and you’ll want to commit this to muscle memory in order to maximize your performance at your competition. In addition, things like sleeves versus straps, or mesh over the neckline or shoulders may feel or react differently to various moves and maneuvers in your exercises. Always count on your gymnastics clothing to be flexible, breathable and offer comfort and multi-directional stretch.

Custom Options for the Finishing Touch

Many vendors also offer customization options to add your school’s logo or team-specific colors. You can also often find discounts for buying for your team all at once. This also has the added benefit of ensuring consistency across the team. While swatches may look the same on-screen, the only way you can be sure that everyone is in the correct multi-mystique fabric versus nylon or metallic mesh material is to order everything at the same time.

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