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You might think of socks as a practical part of your wardrobe, but socks are more than just protection from sweaty feet and blisters. A good pair of socks can put the finishing touch on your outfit, and even luxury socks are less expensive than other accessories like watches and bags. Try these three tips for fashionable feet.

Express Yourself

Because socks stay partially hidden, they provide a great outlet for self-expression even in the most conservative wardrobes. Rock your socks in bright colors and fun patterns. Show off your unique style with personalized socks, humorous socks or socks featuring your favorite characters, but save your silliest socks for casual days.

Complement Your Outfit

A nice pair of socks can be the element that brings your whole outfit together. Can you wear brown shoes with navy blue pants? If you add a pair of socks that incorporate both colors, you can. Do you want to add a pop of color with a tie, jewelry or other accessory? Make your outfit more cohesive by choosing socks in the same color.

Keep It Simple

You don’t have to invest in designer or personalized socks to take your foot fashion to the next level. Less is more when you choose a pair of plain socks in a quality material like silk or cotton. Match your sock color to your pants for a simple, seamless look that never goes out of style.