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by | May 17, 2019 | Air Conditioning & Heating

Italy is a county that is rich in culture but what really sets it apart from the rest of Europe is its food. Italy is world renowned for its delicious food with each region having its own gastronomical specialty. An Italy food tour can take you through the different cities and regions to allow foodies to feast their way through the country. Whether it is to learn how to prepare Spaghetti Bolognese or sample a Panini, there is an Italy food tour just for you.

There is no other country that has the diversity of cuisines native to the area than Italy. Some of the cooking practices have been passed down through many generations and continue to add to the flavor of this wonderfully diverse dishes.

Northern Italy

With its proximity to Switzerland, Austria, and France, the cuisine in Northern Italy uses more butter and cream sauces and less olive oils and tomatoes in their dishes than in other regions of Italy.

Coastal Region

The coastal regions have a wonderful selection of seafood. The regions of Italy typically rely on the game and fowl that live in the area.

Southern Italy

The cuisine in Southern Italy is what most people associate as typical Italian food. Southern Italy makes the most of its abundance of olive oils. Here you will find eggplant parmigiana, marinara sauces, minestrone, and other southern classic dishes made with fresh herbs. Italy’s most popular food pizza is best in this region.

As you travel through the various regions in Italy, take the time to explore the local cuisine. Enjoying the foods of Italy is the best way to experience the culture of the region.

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