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Determine What Is Wrong With Sewer Lines

If you are having problems with the plumbing in a building, then it is often because the sewer lines are degrading. To understand what is going on in the sewer lines on your property, you must contact a sewer camera inspections Greenwich, Conn., plumbing company for assistance. In the past, the only way to know what was wrong with a sewer line was to dig up a property’s lawn to see the pipes, but today, plumbers can insert cameras into the pipes. While the cameras are inside the sewer lines, it is possible for the plumbers to see the problems that require a repair.

Finding Dense Blockages

In some cases, a sewer line will only have a major blockage from invading tree roots or grease, and the plumbers can plan how to remove the debris with a rooter brush that scrapes the sides of the pipes or with a pressurized water blasting system that dislodges the debris. After the sewer lines are cleaned, the plumbers perform a new inspection to make sure that the pipes are in optimal condition. If the pipes have cracks or holes, then it is possible to fix the items with a fast process that involves inserting flexible pipes that harden to seal the damaged materials.

Plumbers May Need to Replace the Sewer Lines

When you have a major sewage backup problem on your property, the pipes may have collapsed for a variety of reasons. A sewer camera inspections Greenwich company’s technicians can determine where the pipes have degraded on a property to plan how to install new sections of pipes. With this process, the plumbers must dig up the soil to remove the broken pipes before placing the new sewer lines into the soil on your property.