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Although it first appears to be a contradiction to how things usually are with military housing searches, finding furnished and suitable military housing in San Diego has become simple now. There are affordable rentals ideal for short or other term military assignments and/or military families taking a vacation in this area of California.

No Need to Pack & Move Belongings Across the Country

Most military families become stressed just thinking about packing up their current household belongings and moving them across the state or country. There is no need to pack up and move personal belongings like furniture and appliances if you know where to find fully-furnished military housing for San Diego-based men and women employed by the military. There are several different options for leasing these living accommodations to suit just about any possible temporary housing.

What About Longer-Term Military Housing Opportunities?

When those in the military are looking for a long-term military housing solution, these apartments allow that option too. Temporary military housing also available in this same region. Live close to all of the many exciting attractions here along the Pacific Coast. This is a fun and family-friendly town that has long been a favorite stomping ground for some of the military branches.

Pay Monthly & Stay As Long As You Like

Forget about wasting hard-earned money on too high priced motel or hotel rooms that lack most of the comforts of home. Call Foxwood Furnished Apartments or visit to view options.